It all started with a question...


When "global" became a decor trend, it seemed an opportunity for artisan communities around the world to be recognized for their inherited skills and rich culture. Unfortunately as craft became big business, cultural appropriation ran rampant. Cheap reproductions of global "inspired" clothing and knickknacks fill shops worldwide. At the same time, authentic artisan goods are being pushed further into the luxury space retaining their true value (huzzah!) but with fewer shoppers able to access them (boo!). As well, the expense is hard to justify when transparency of the true origin and its creation method of a luxury item is lacking. This begs the question: Why can’t we have quality, transparency, sustainability and affordability?

We believe we can. 

We believe we can connect and empower customers and artisans, and provide a space for ethically-designed and authentic handmade goods. Our team of esteemed artisans creates home goods that are relevant and practical yet stunning in design and quality. Watch our story.