We approach design from a place of curiosity, creativity, understanding and trust. We begin by considering what features, systems and materials will add the most value for customers and artisans. Maintaining a deep understanding of our partners’ and customers’ needs is imperative to this process. We then communicate with our trusted network of global artisans, who are masters in a range of skills. The union of responsibly-sourced materials and long-standing artisanal techniques delivers quality and authenticity to your home.


Through Rising Tide Fair Trade we learned that offering beautiful products is not enough for small businesses to compete. We’re developing an e-commerce platform with a unique set of features to optimize shopping while generating research and data. We will continue to evolve the products and platform to ensure success for our small business partners and The Rise. Features will include the ability for customers to engage with artisans, follow the product's evolutionary story, engage in the design process and save money along the way.